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  Linkforce have employed Quants in various locations including the Middle East, India and the Far East. We have used their services as quantity surveyors, commercial managers and claims experts.

I have also used their services in the UK and have always found them thoroughly professional and their work product exemplary.

What I have found particularly valuable about the Quants approach is their focus on resolving claims and disputes to parties’ mutual satisfaction whilst remaining mindful of their client’s particular requirements. They avoid escalating disagreements into larger prolonged issues.

I have no hesitation in recommending Quants services in connection with any construction claims, contractual and financial issues.

David Hurren - CEO Linkforce Hong Kong and Seamwell
We retained Steve Wells to help us with an assessment of a claim against a contractor. The claim was very complicated with issues that made predicting the claim’s outcome very uncertain.

Steve was presented with a mountain of documents that covered a number of years on this file. Within a couple of weeks, Steve made a presentation to us that concisely got to the matter of probable outcomes for the claim. What I thought was particularly innovative was the decision tree model that Steve gave us. This decision tree enabled us to explore every possible outcome for each influencing factor in the claim.

Steve’s recommendations on this file were concise, based on fact, and were arrived at in a very short period of time. I like working with consultants that are efficient, get to the point right away, and don’t waste senior managements’ time with issues that don’t matter.

I would not hesitate to retain Steve Wells in the future and would highly recommend his services to those clients requiring his expertise.

Sincerely, Robert Jurkewycz, C.G.A. Director of Finance and Administration St. Lawrence Lodge
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