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Systems Appraisal


Quants offers a commercial systems and procedures performance review service, the Systems Appraisal.

This service provides in-depth review of all of the important aspects of commercial processes and provides feedback regarding their effectiveness.  The service can be tailor made to cover any or all aspects of the commercial, cost, scheduling and contractual systems and can be employed upon single or multiple projects, or upon a businesses complete suite of procedures, company-wide.

The Systems Appraisal does not look to establish responsibility, nor ascertain the reasons risks and other issues arose.  We recognise that decisions are often reached whilst under the influence of factors such as time constraints, commercial pressures and other political considerations.

The purpose of the review is to examine the effectiveness of the current systems and internal compliance with them.  The Systems Appraisal report will identify risks and opportunities and provide positive recommendations.  This will allow mitigating or corrective actions to be implemented by the project or company management and assist to strengthen future control.

In summary, the Systems Appraisal will:

  • provide a status report on the current position of the project(s) or business
  • ascertain and propose techniques to enhance the control or management systems
  • Identify areas of the operation where strengthening is recommended
  • assist in the reduction or avoidance of both existing and future risks and losses
  • review whether any legal input may be beneficial
  • propose strategies for the future

For more information e-mail: info@quants.ca