Quants Inc. - e-mail: info@quants.ca
Toronto Office: 533 Queen St. E, M5A 1V1  |  (+1) 416-850-5856
Kingston Office: 84 Willowbank Rd. K7G 2V5  |  (+1) 613-777-8078
Alberta Telephone Contact:  |  (+1) 780-800-5856

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About Quants

Established in 1987, Quants have steadily grown into one of the most respected independent specialist commercial management and quantity surveying practices in the United Kingdom.  Quants established their presence in Canada in 2013, opening their first offices in Toronto.

Privately owned, our aim has always been to expand the business in a controlled manner, maintaining a consistency in the quality of our staff and thus ensuring the continued satisfaction of our customers.

Our Services

Claims and Contractual

Quants has wide experience in providing contractual and commercial advice, preparing & negotiating prolongation and loss & expense claims and conducting dispute avoidance & resolution exercises.  For more information visit our "Claims and Contractual" page.

Systems Appraisal

We offer a systems and procedures performance appraisal service.  This in-depth review examines commercial, scheduling and contractual processes and provides feedback regarding their effectiveness and any associated risks and opportunities.  It will advise upon the effectiveness of the systems and adherence to them.  For more information visit our "Systems Appraisal" page.


Quants has considerable experience in these forms of infrastructure developments - see "PPP/P3" for more information.

Commercial Management & Quantity Surveying

Quants provides the whole spectrum of commercial management and quantity surveyor (or QS) services.  The name "Quants" is derived from a shortening of the term "Quantity Surveyors".

To many Canadians this is not a familiar term so, for an explanation of what a contractors QS is, more information regarding what we can offer in this regard and how a quantity surveyor can benefit your project or business, visit our "What Is a Quantity Surveyor?" page.


Take a moment to review some of the larger international assignments Quants personnel have worked upon on our "Experience" page.